Rolling Bases


This may be the best answer to your observatory situation.

With our rolling base option it is now possible to roll your Centurion out of a small room/building each night to do observing. Polar alignment repeats night after night since the telescope's base wheels are precision grooved iron running in roller bearings. The track is simple 1" X 1" X 3/16" steel angle available at less than $10 per 20 foot length from your local steel supplier. These can be simply mounted by screwing with large head screws to exterior grade 5/8" plywood. Since the rollers have flats as well as groves, they will roll equally well on flat surfaces such as the floor of the observing/storage room.


  • Telescope room doubles as a lights-on climate controlled observing room and also helps keep telescope cool days near evening temperature.
  • Telescope can roll out through 40" clear opening sliding door standard 6 foot height.
  • Cabling connection to telescope takes just a minute to connect and disconnect.
  • Tremendous cost saving over conventional observatory while keeping the telescope much cleaner.
  • Can be used on a flat roof top like the Astro Works Centurion.
  • Base rollers can be reset at 90 degrees for an east west roll-out situation.
  • The bases have underside T-bracing, yet possess enough compliance to set square on the tracks without compromising rigidity.

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