Latest Series

Updated October, 2003

The current series has the following additions, changes, and options


  • A custom fitted nylon dust cover is now included to protect the telescope tube and mount when not in use. It is water proof, but has breathable air flaps.
  • As a service to our customers, a CD ROM of each telescope's test images will be sent to them.


  • The steel telescope forks are now sandblasted and heat treated during the fabricating/welding process to insure maximum accuracy.
  • The formed/ TIG welded steel trunion boxes are are also sand blasted and heat treated prior to Blanchard grinding on the front and rear faces and then the final machining of the side axle hubs.
  • The large cast aluminum mirror cell spider frame is Blanchard ground parallel on both sides.
  • The steel spider vanes have 4 cross holes each for convenient attachment of prime focus cable clamps.
  • The four each foot attachment threaded cross bars are now stainless steel.
  • The primary mirror cases are all the deluxe type shown on the Q & A page.
  • The 8 carbon fiber truss tubes are a heavier wall for added resistance to bending.
  • The drive controller EPROMS are V 1.17 and allow resyncing on objects from within The Sky during PC control.
  • Hand controls are now available with a longer 10 meter cord length on some units.


  • Truss tube light shroud. This is an easily removable one piece black breathable cloth fitted cover made from very light weight car cover type material. Although it is 22 square feet in size, it weighs less than 5 ounces. It is sewn as 4 panels and has a full length zipper and velcro attachment points. A 4 piece stamped steel frame couples the cover to the trunion box with screws. Along with helping reduce stray light effects, this will help minimize dewing on the optics.
  • 5 meter hand control extensions allowing up to 15 meters (50 feet) total when combined with 10 meter cable..
  • A miniature stepper focus motor option is now available for remote PC focus control and Centurions can be prewired for this option. Included are a gearhead stepper, gearing, mounting bracket and 6 pin modular electrical connector. Motor's torque and speed are optimally matched to not damage focus mechanism if over-run. Note: The software and motion controller-driver are not available from Astro Works.

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