September 2004 Image of the Month

Zeta Scorpii Nebula Complex

C-18 with ST-2000 CCD

C-18 image courtesy of Norma Rose Observatory, Queensland, Australia.

I found out about this object in David Malin's Invisible Universe. Interestingly, it is unnamed nebulosity situated about 2 degrees west and north of Zeta Scorpii at the bottom of the scorpion's tail centered at 16hr 46m and -41 deg 10m. This month's image is a redo of the May 2001 Image of the Month taken from Astro Works in Aguila, Arizona. This area passes directly overhead as viewed from southern Queensland. South is up. A 13nm Ha filter was used for the red channel information in this lrgb exposure. Below image is a cropped portion at 100% magnification.


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